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THE OTHER SIDE - Printmaking

As a papermaker and calligrapher, Edna Miron-Wapner began her artistic career taking refuge in nature, seeking the integration of form and feeling within the spirit of mountains. Her collages, expressive layers of rugged handmade papers, fused natural fibers with images from Hebrew and English poetry - metaphors for her own inner journey, the searchings of her soul. Two decades later, her spiritual and artistic quest - the "other side" of her life - continue unabated. But now she takes refuge in the creative process itself, in exploring and extending the bounds of her materials and media. Rather than rubbing the image on an ancient stone or painting, with definitive brushstrokes, directly onto the lithographic one, she now carves into linoleum; presses bits of found materials - fabric, string, mesh screening - into her paper; adds color and texture to previously single-dimensional monochromes. Her Sumi-e letterstrokes take on a new life etched on paper, her collages vibrate with action, her collographs tantalize with the aura of the unknown. In her explorations of printing, Edna Miron-Wapner has discovered a new source of inspiration - tactile, sensuous, and spontaneous. Spirit has merged with matter in a late-life aesthetic marriage, leaving us to wonder what wonderful surprises lie ahead as this potent union bears fruit.

Barbara Gingold
June, 2008








Born in Israel in 1948, Edna Miron-Wapner was brought up and educated in Montreal. She returned to her family's Israeli roots in 1977 and settled in Jerusalem, where she first studied the arts of Hebrew calligraphy and papermaking. During a five-year sojourn in California (1985-90) with her husband and young children, she was drawn to Jewish mysticism, spiritual art, and Japanese Sumi-e painting, all of which found expression in her subsequent solo exhibitions in Israel and abroad. Since joining the Print Workshop of the Artists' Association, Tel Aviv, she has indulged her passion for works on paper with a host of newly-acquired techniques.
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The Other Side of my Life is the world of flow.